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the mack hammer is a figurative hammer that one "lays" when one "macks" on a woman. this occurs only when one macks and does not enter the "friend zone." to lay the "chisel" is the opposite of laying the mack hammer, it is to enter the friend zone. to "thattababe" is to lay down the mack hammer with all the authority that one can muster. mack hammer is most often used in the phrase "lay the mack hammer down" with a gesture of using a hammer.
Tay lays some serious mack hammer dude, thattababe.

No one lays the mack hammer down like the Piecerkids.

Hey Lauren is it ok if i lay the mack hammer down on your mom?

Scott is dual wielding!! Lay the mack hammer down!

Dude, Govan is in the friend zone, he totally chisels.
by thattababer June 13, 2010
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