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Literally is term for brother-in-law (wifes brother). Used more commonly as an addressal to friends.
Macha, eno madta ideya.
by nitboss March 10, 2005
Slang for a friend, basically means cousin.
hey Macha, wats news?
by buddy November 20, 2003
South-eastern term for the word 'dude'
Can also be a synonym for words Homie, Brother.

also shortened to Cha
Western: "Dude, wassup?"
Eastern: "Macha, wassup?"
by VinFiftyOne May 24, 2010
A crossbreed.
A kacuk.
A kupek.
A culo.
hello Keith macha........
by -unknown- August 14, 2004
Feminine for macho. A though modern woman who cracks men's emotion like a peanut shell, uses them for her sexual pleasure, and dumps them, usually fast enough not to let them even try to become seductive or interesting.
Only the modern macha manages to give the declining male what he really deserves in a "romantic" relationship.
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
The stupidest, most moronic man alive, with the possible exception of Joe Morgan. Currently manages the Oakland Athletics Major League Baseball team.
"What the hell is Macha doing? Did he fall asleep on the bench again?"
by Xonis September 24, 2005
the feminine form of macho... cause there is none that does not have a negitive condonation
that chick is so strong, so brave, so macha!
by allison July 08, 2004
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