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The total opposite of Greely, Kassebuam, and gay.
That guy is so mZapf, he's nothing like Greely.
by tilded April 10, 2003
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A boy who has problems, judges others and he doesn't care. Has suffered alot of family problems because of his dad. When he hates someone he will tear, rip, destroy, and make anyone feel like their worthless only those he can get to. Anybody he knows he can manipulate thats his purpose. Boo-yah!
Revenge is this kids middle name.
by Kriten November 11, 2003
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A homosexual male that is constantly insulting others to cover up his homosexualness and masturbates everynight to a picture of jenny staat in a thong bikini
That guy is so mzapf
by Doug April 10, 2003
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