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to ride a track bike (fixed gear) as fast as you can for an extended period of time, usually taking place in cities
we mashed down State Street and Aaron almost got hit by that bus
by SLC_greg November 05, 2008
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Mash - 1. To Make Out
2. To Get Blitzed A state of perplexity coz of the herb you smokin
3. To Annihilate, Destroy, Beat The Shit Out Of
1. J Where did u end up last night g?
Rod I was out mashin wit this bitch from the party
2. Rod I am mashed as fuck
3. Rod i b mashin wen u b frontin
by 'G' RV January 03, 2006
2 2
To barge a gnarly, epic mission.
1) Dudes, let's take the ATVs out and mash the Glamis Dunes tomorrow.

2)Hey bro, let's get some tall cans and mash that babefest party down by The Point. Rather!
by Brandon Abhorrance April 12, 2005
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Also South London slang (Brixton) for small change.
I wan sum food mon you gat any mash nya?
by rach February 20, 2004
2 2
To do with gusto
Then I mashed through that party and mashed all the way home and hell dogg i mashed her all night long
by Krumples August 27, 2003
3 3
A versatile verb used to show anger.
That dude jacked my shit. We should mash that fucker up.

by damerils March 22, 2009
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a synonym for mosh, hardcore dancing, or some other form of dancing at a show. Bringing the sick mash brah!
"Ya gonna bring the sick mash?!?"
by Adam Merendino June 09, 2007
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