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1. dogbreed, eng. badger dog
2. twelve-pack of beer. In finland very popular way to purchase beer in 12-botle carton box
minulla on vielä jäljellä mäyräkoira
I have still left twelve-pack
by matti March 06, 2005
1. The Finnish name for the dachshund breed of dogs.

2. A common slang term in Finland for a twelve-pack of beer, taken from the long, narrow shape of the box.
1. "Oletko nähnyt hänen mäyräkoira pentu?"
Have you seen his dachshund puppy?

2. "Minun täytyy ostaa maitoa, kaurapuuroa, ja mäyräkoira."
I need to buy milk, oatmeal, and a twelve-pack.
by Eicca October 24, 2011
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