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a asian fruit very tasty, looks like a fuzzier red kiwi, flesh is chewy and white. kinda tastes like a mix between apple grape and milk. roughly 4-5 cm in diameter.
i got 2 pouunds of lychee from china town and a ate them with some pals during the super bowl.
by Redi March 02, 2007
An Unknown Online Gamer By The Name Of "Lychees"
He Apparently Lives of Marshmallows, Cheese & Prune Juice
And He Apparently Identifies Himself As The Second Coming Of Sean Connery
Boris - "Hi Lychees"
by Fred Fredderson January 20, 2010
pronounced "lie-chee," a fruit often made into drinks for pussies
Neer drinks lychee green tea, because he is a pussy.
by Lycheeeeeeeeeeeeee October 10, 2010
A variant on tea bagging. Before lowering his balls onto or into the mouth of the victim, the tea-bagger shaves his testicles and dips them in icy water. This gives his balls the feel and texture of 2 lychees, making the process of tea-bagging even more unpleasant.
George: "Dude you just got lychee'd!"
by Robot Sinatra April 19, 2009
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