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(Gerund): sitting around not making good use of the oxygen you are breathing. Generally accompanied by mindless viewing of the glowing picture box and intermittent loss of consciousness.
After the football game, we enjoyed lumping on the couch.
by Lampy September 16, 2005
one of the dumbest dances ever invented by DeAndre Atkinson and Robert Rios. The dance is simple, whils the musics playing all you do is, rapidly punch and kick the air whils jumping around. thats all
Damm, the dance Lumping is the bombb.
by Brodiee D May 27, 2010
To lie on/under/entangled with your other half, bed, in a non sexual and entirely lazy way (although lumping can of course lead to sexual activity; however, it is usually engaged in after sex or when the couple are extremely tired/hungover/on a comedown.)

Lumping can be done by oneself on objects other than a person for example cushions/floor, but research has shown it is most comfortable when done on another person.
I'd rather be at home lumping on you.
by Ms N August 03, 2009
1.The act of humping while while your legs are asleep, numb, or dead. It releases a shivering sensation down the legs.
2.The act of a human or animal squatting out of pain to use the bathroom at a bad time.
1. "Oh Bob, looks like the Gerbert had a little too much to drink, he is lumping the stool again."
2. Out of excruciating pain and prevalence, the man was left lumping in the bathroom line.
by Krystal Klear August 27, 2013
Describes the act of getting an STD from somebody.
Shit dude. I was bangin' this chick last night. She said she was clean, but she effing lied, bro. As soon as I put it in, I could feel myself lumping.
by NeverBeenLumped February 14, 2012
lumping is when a girl pees in a mans asshole then lets the girl push it in with a dildo.
after lumping last night my ass reeks of pee and plastic.
by flipbook22 June 23, 2011
When a man wears pants that are too small for him, and he puts his package on one side of the seam. The effect this has is of a large lump going partially down the side of one of the pant legs.

The opposite of flossing.

From the verb "To Lump"
Dude, Scott wore those pants that are a size too small for him yesterday, and decided on lumping it. I almost threw up.
by Jerry Moonmixe Fondelo January 17, 2008
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