1. A Lion crossed with a Puma to make a larger, skinny Animal with a shortish mane.

2. A woman with large breasts, usually not on the perky side, and is regarded as smart. Generally Brazilian.
1. The Luma was bred at the local zoo in an attempt to make the ultimate cat.

2. That girl down the row, she's a Luma. She reads all freakin day... Look at her rack!
by Skinny89 March 03, 2009
Top Definition
a sexy lady that has big boobs and is also very smart.loves to play around
That girl is a luma.
by jiobburtiogjio May 25, 2008
The softening of ice cream via swirling it around the bowl with a spoon until it reaches the right consistency.

Pronounced "Luh-muh"
On a hot night, it's great to have a bowl of Luma.
by Mamaroneck August 03, 2010
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