To be luke warm is to have just taken one or two hits of marijuana and are starting to feel the effects of said marijuana. Sometimes the highest newbies feel when they smoke is luke-warm due to their lack of smoking experience and not being able to hold the smoke in for a good amount of time. Sometimes this happens due to the lack of generosity from some people during a session i.e Doyle,Jack,or Eric.

(1)Tom never smoked weed before so all he did was cough and feel luke-warm, not totally baked.

by Kristobell December 26, 2007
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were walking down the street of Jerusalem. Three of them said they were cool, but Mark said, "Luke warm. As Luke was the coolest disciples,this was a term of endearment bestowed upon him by Mark. He wasn't hot due to his coolness. He was neither too hot nor too cold, but prefect
John : We're fairly cool
Matthew : We're not as cool as Luke though
Mark : You could say we're Lukewarm
by Manullaboi May 21, 2011
A type of Christian, and about half of all the Christians in America. Lukewarm Christians are usually young people who regularly attend church on Sundays and sometimes "try to act holy" but act like non-Christians every other day of the week.

Characteristics of a fake Christian: They often attend Sunday Church as a way of making themselves feel less guilty for getting wasted Saturday night. They confess their sins but make no effort to correct their mistakes. They read the Bible perhaps once a week, or maybe even never. Deep down inside, they probably question God's existence, but keep it secret while continuing to claim Christianity as their faith. They only want to pray to God when they're unbelievably desperate or in need of cash. They think it's perfectly acceptable to associate themselves with non-Christians. They even acuse regular Christians, their own people, of being bigots and radicals. In other words, they are hypocrites. Big fat liars. Watever.
Christian: Chuch was pretty good today. I feel like I really learned something that could better my life. What do you think?

Lukewarm: OMFG Did you see that one chick in the choir? She was a hella thick broad! Ohhhh....uhhh...the sermon was good too. I guess.

Christian: You shoulda been paying attention to the pastor. But anyways, what do you wanna do now?

Lukewarm: Let's get drunk

Christian: But its against the Bible to abuse your body like that...

Lukewarm: C'mon man, the pastor aint lookin! I'm pretty sure God won't mind.
by JT the man March 17, 2008
A widely used word to describe something.

It could describe something extremely cheap or stupid.

It can be also used as a insult
"you're such a lukewarm bastard"

"don't be lukewarm"

Kid1-"you're an idiot" kid2-"you're lukewarm
by derek dj samuels March 05, 2008
not up to full quality, sucking severly
Dude! Your skating lukewarm man!
by lukav December 03, 2003

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