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In aviation, "Luft '46" refers to millitary aircraft that were under development in Nazi Germany, but failed to enter service (at least in large numbers) before the end of World War 2. This includes projects that were cancelled during the war, and occasionally real postwar aircraft derived from German research, such as the MiG-15. Most "Luft '46" aircraft are of advanced design, usually having swept wings and jet/rocket engines. Despite being associated the Nazi Luftwaffe, Luft '46 fandom does not worship Nazism or Adolph Hitler, but rather aviation as well as speculative fiction.
Well known Luft 46 aircraft:
Focke-Wulf Ta 183
Gotha Go 229
Heinkel He 162
Junkers Ju 287
Messerschmitt Me 264
by henry lynn September 27, 2005
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