1.Someone with an extremely small penis
2.A very strange name
3.A soon to be famous rapper/computer tecnician

Synonyms: nerd, dork
Dude, did you see Luckman today? I think he got a new pair of glasses.
by Matt F December 05, 2004
Top Definition
A foolish loser who knows nothing about what it means to be cool. Proper name
"That Luckman is so stupid!" -the opinion of all hot girls
by Joe Solitary January 09, 2005
Noun, the coolest motherfucker ever.
Noun, a stud
verb, to do something really cool.
"Dude, that guy's so awesome; he's the next Luckman, man!"

"Ooh, check out that hottie! He's a Luckman!"
by Luckman Nouiouat November 26, 2004
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