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1) To pull a lucho: say this when you see a person that doesn't like to spend money

2) a Shuny elbowed guy

3 ) looks like Kini

4) always is saying "ñerda"
<Mario> : come'on to eat the cheapest pizza, i got a site for this

<Diego> Oh you're pulling a lucho .. you have a lot of money ! we can eat a better one !

<Mario> : No. I do eat every day here ! is the cheapest one !!!

<Diego> Oh you're pulling a lucho AGAIN !
by anomymous June 25, 2004
a name given to a big ass puss.
so isabello, what did you do last night?
uh... i played poker with some high rollers, $5000 buy in...
whatever lucho.
by Tugger Reed October 02, 2007