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originally created to describe fergi from black eyed peas. meaning a girl's boobies or her butt. the HUMPS that the guys LOVE!!!
girl got some great love humps
by Cyndee Rivera May 03, 2006

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Good sex between intimate partners that lies somewhere between lovemaking and fucking. Often includes cute sex, fun sex, conversational sex, or all of the above. When lovehumping feel free to laugh, cuddle, talk dirty and try new things because you are with somebody who loves you.
1. Honey, that was such a good dinner. Let's lovehump. OK.

2. I'm going to take you home and lovehump you, cause I can. OK.

3. I thought maybe instead of sweet lovemaking down by the fire or hard-core slamming, tonight we could lovehump. What do you think? OK.
by Rachel & Cole January 14, 2007