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A term losers use to describe their gf/bf. Not used by many ppl, (mostly because, well face it! What's a love DUCK supposed to mean??
A flower for you, merry Christmas my love duck!! 8-B
oh Alex! Gives him a big fat hug absorbing him into her fatne-uhhh i mean....extra..
by Brit1228 December 24, 2009

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Loveduck. A term which culminates 2 words people use mainly from Northern England. Yorkshire folk would tend to greet family, friends or strangers by saying 'Hello there love'. In the Nottingham area they'd greet the same but with 'Duck' at the end.

I put the two together to form 'LOVEDUCK'
Hey up, Hows it going Loveduck?
by Paul DAvid Cook December 08, 2007