Lust for the eloquent.
"Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?"

"Sure, you can walk by again. Then just keep on walking out that door."
by Grammar Guru February 13, 2010
A wonderful thing that almost always ends in heart brake. When you feel a huge attraction for a person with one glance into their eyes.
'hey what do you think of that kid in pe?'
'i think im in love with him'
'you haven't even spoken to him yet'
'have you not heard of love at first sight?'
by gleekgal55 March 09, 2012
1. Occurs in Wegman's parking lots at ungodly hours of the night, many present, but after eyes meet, there is a feeling of warmth and satisfaction inside...that will always be there.
"DUDE, Lindsay and Dave are over?"
"Yeah man"
"But those two were like in love at first sight."
"Those feelings are still there, it just can't work out right now"
by Hell Raiser November 11, 2006

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