Top Definition
When a female gets slapped in or around the the face with an erect penis during the act of fellatio either by the recipient or of her own accord
"yeah, i gave her the love chop just to let her know who's boss"
by theoneandonlyporkchop March 20, 2012
love chop (noun)

1. A person that has proven their love for you and always will. 2. A person that has walked into your life in a 0.3% chance out of seven billion, and stayed. 3. A person that puts someone else's needs before theirs. 4. A person that will always be there for you no matter what. 5. A person whom you can trust with any thought or emotion. 6. A person that is always right there by your side to help you tackle each and every obstacle you face. 7. A person that will take up their own personal time to assure anothers life will turn out just fine after a rough situation. 8. A person that has positively impacted your life in infinite ways.
*takes out ring* "will you be my lovechop?"
by Applecologolisque September 05, 2015

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