Top Definition
1: an insult or curse word

2: a word similar to cow or cattle

3: referring to a woman or girl as a slut or is loose in the vaginal area
1: you are such a loushbag; you freaking loushing turd.

2: That girl is as fat as a loush.

3: I paid Maeve 5 dollars to give me a tugjob...she is such a loush.
by Austin&Trevorareamazing&getsum August 08, 2010
Pronunciation - (Lew-sh) A beverage made out of all left over alcohol and any juice or soda bottles to carry into the shower with a sexual partner and consumed during freaky sex acts. A required ingredient for Loushing.
The loush was so strong I choked and water-boarded her at the same time.
by artie the 1 man party August 10, 2011
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