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A filler word pioneered and frequently utilized by entertainer Ross Hickey. Its primary purpose seems to be to flesh out a sentence, either when you are too tired of talking to finish a word or are so busy thinking about/doing other things that you forget what you are saying but don't want to just abruptly stop talking. Its secondary (and perhaps true) purpose remains unknown. Perhaps it just sounds cool. Perhaps it summons the demons.

Special usage instructions are relatively nonexistant. Simply completely or partially replace any part of any word in your sentence. Or use it alone. Bonus points if you suddenly wake up from a nap and say it.
1) "Hey, Sarah, give me some of those cheesy lounces." (here used to completely replace the word "potatos")

2) "Man, I could really go for a body ma-lounce right about now." (here used to partially replace the word "massage")

3) "*gurgling sounds* Lounce." (here used alone, to follow a series of random sounds often accompanied by similarly random bodily gestures, such as uncontrolled shaking, or walking with a limp)
by Bumbledust April 25, 2005
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