what happens when you spend a lot of time talking to asians. You start to have trouble speaking proper English by omitting essential articles, connecting words, and/or elongating random vowell syllables. Pretty soon, you no make sense when talking. Yes?
Repeat similar conversation daily-
Wang: How you do John?
John: I'm fine how about you?
Wang: I tie-uh-ed (tired) loung (long) day. No sleep wowk all howa (hour) and no west. Bad for health.
John: Oh really? Well I hope it goes better for you.
Wang: Yes Yes I too. Dank You Dank You (thank you)

Few days/weeks later

Jim: What a day! I'm exhausted John what about you? I say we call it a day and get dinner. How about Chinese?
John: OOoooH Very Very nice ideaa! I like we get checkin fwied wice sweet sowa (sour) checkin and eggwoll! Very good!
Jim: What the fuck?
John: Oh i sowwy.. ahem. I mean I'm sorry, working with those asians all day i feel a little lost in translasian.
Jim: Oh really? I understand, told ya that would happen.
by wsurymasc November 08, 2010

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