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1.Someone who's completely awesome to be around. Fun and energetic is this chick's personality

2.Usually a girl with a toned and tan body. Erotic and sexy, this girl has the most beautiful eyes.

3.A bit of a tomboy, doesn't care if she gets dirty playing with the boys.

4. Someone who belongs on Jackass, acts like a complete dork or dumbass but will always get you laughing in the end.

1. "Bro we should totally bring Loreina to the beach party!"

"Yeah man, she'd get that party pumping!"

2. "Whoa, look at that new girl Loreina"

"I don't know if she works at subway, but shes giving me a five dollar foot long."

3. "Yo Loreinas on my team?! Dude were totally kicking ass!"

4. "HAHAHA!"

"What happened?!"

"Loreina just jumped off her roof onto the trampoline!"

5. "Oh my god.."


"Loreinas hammered..."

by SuckMyDictionary80 February 02, 2010
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