A greedy person, typically of an mmo, who believes that all loots belong to him and him only. No one else matters and the loot whore will rarely consider others when practicing the ways of the loot whore. Attempts are frequently made to reverse the loot whore's way of thinking, but sadly it is an irreversible condition.
Saralyn why are you such a loot whore. Or, Kyle don't be such a damn greedy loot whore.
by mithaniel marr March 15, 2008
Top Definition
A player in an MMO game or any game for that matter, that consistently wants any and every item that has even the most miniscule value to him or her.
Prodegy you fucking loot whore, you dont need any of those items.
by Ionsniper December 18, 2005
A player of an MMORPG, usually between the age of 15 and 18 years old, who will attempt to loot any and every item that drops from a raid boss. A seasoned lootwhore will also compliment their lootwhorish ways with rediculous justifications to explain why the fifty other swords they looted this week aren't as good as this fifty-first one.
Sokkou, the rogue from Drama, is notorious for being a piece of shit lootwhore. He also dates his sister.
by MaximusMg May 11, 2007

A person who is bent on acquiring a lot of items (loot)in a MMORPG. Usually carries a pejorative tone, implying that the person in question is egoistically and unrationally focused on his/her gear, but can be used as a compliment of sorts for the hardcore, gear-obessive players.
A: "Man, I wish I had that 'Fur-covered Aegismastershield of Linkzor the Elfman', would really own for my paladin"
B: "Dude, you only just got your 'Chromatically Tempered Greatsword' yesterday, don't be a lootwhore"
by Bahaz June 28, 2006
In a multiplayer game, someone who is greedy and takes all the loot for himself. This is also called loot ninja.

Alternatively a person with female avatar, who uses this for getting loot or money.
You're a loot whore, since you needed on everything in this dungeon.
by Juliezild December 11, 2010
A person who wants every item in a mmo and believes everything should just be handed to him and puts no work into it.
"I'm such a loot whore because I just leveled 80 but I deserve every piece of gear that drops even though I put no work into my gear"

I.E. An Adhan, badhan
by sinistersniperrr January 03, 2009
a jewish person that plays video games every day and steals everything that drops. even if it has little value.
Clayton Goldburg is a lootwhore.
by CHEYENANIGANS January 09, 2009
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