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noun - a lump of sputum (as in phelgm) coughed (or, onomatopoeically, "hawked") up from the lungs. "loogie" is a mash-up, or alteration and combination, of "lung cookie."
Excuse me; I gotta hawk up a loogie or two, lest I get pneumonia.
by Kaptain Amerika April 18, 2007
12 27
(adj.) describing the lethargic feeling one experiences after consuming a large quantity of food.
But ma! If I eat pancakes for breakfast, I'll feel loogie for the entire rest of the morning!
by fonziefan12 June 09, 2011
9 27
Loogie means what is currently happening. It can be used in place of "What's up?"
"What's the loogie fufe?"
by Sweet Lou and HBG January 12, 2004
14 134