A.K.A The only Max Ladon Buff
Mrs. and Mr. Buff got it on in the backseat of a volkswagon. She got "maxed out" by Mr. Buff so they named the kid Max. SEeing as he was born with a 45 inch penis, the Dr. had it mistaken for the ambilical cord and had it cut off...luckily, only 5 inches was taken from the genitalia. They gave him the middle name of LaDon which is french for LongDong.
by CC crew...holla at us December 17, 2004
Top Definition
a huge penis........

usually black
i have a long dong
by Justin and Marcus April 29, 2003
A long penis. Not necessarily a complement. Can be used with a nickname.
1) Momo, pull that longdong out of your mouth.

2) Hey, where's Longdong Tom?
by AIDS_Pizza January 08, 2012
Brown long bed truck, Usually a GMC or a Chevy Work truck.
Look, brit drives a long dong.
by Nick M. October 11, 2005
a big ass penis

Igor get that longdong out of your mouth again.
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
Someone who has bad spelling, but a large penis.
I can't spell penis but it doesn't matter 'cause I'm a longdong.
by IWantKyle August 13, 2008
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