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(v. or noun) Action during sexual intercourse when a male deliberately uses the entire length of his penis to fully enter, then nearly exit, his partner in repetitive, slow motions.
"I want to long stroke that ass."
by woolfgunphotobooth November 21, 2011
A complicated caress across the penis, thigh, and anus then passing over the butt cheeks
"Rekers liked to be rubbed down there, with the 'long stroke'." said Rent Boy Lucien.
by Honestyisthebest Policy May 06, 2010
Closeted conservative gay sex practice similar to the Full Cheney.
Con: Hey young man, I will give you $500 for a long stroke.

Man: I'll take it!

Con: How much for a Full Cheney?

Man: More than you got.
by King Tate May 06, 2010
The act of stroking two dicks together in a docked formation.
Those guys are a perfect height for a good long stroke.
by SpitOnMyDIK May 19, 2015
A slang term used to define a flattering compliment, which massages the ego in such a manner that could be considered masturbatory; or extending of prolonged pleasure in the fashion of a slower, controlled penetration speed during intercourse.
As in: Unexpected or not, it would have been impolite not to say, "Thanks for the long stroke".
by Homer chameleon February 03, 2010

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