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Acryonym for "Laughing Out Loud Shaking Head".
Used when something is so ridiculous that it is funny.
Funny, crazy and stupid all rolled into one.
Out of the blue, a friends sends you a text that reads:

"My feet are cold; I feel old,
I might eat some bread with mold,
Which, for me is quite bold.
It's too bad I have a cold!"

To which the only logical reply is "lolsh"
by lolsh March 25, 2010
8 0
When Sean Connery is laughing out loud

Not to be confused with lolsh, the acryonym for "Laughing Out Loud Shaking Head".
- You turned out the Gandalf part you fucking Connery bastard
- Indeed. Lolsh!
by jfbourg December 18, 2012
2 0
laughing out loud noun version of it tho
dude thats lolsh
by Joshona August 13, 2008
4 6