lots of lols
I slept with Derrik last night. His dick . . . lolols.
by labFucker July 19, 2011
Top Definition
adds emphasis to the standard lol.
I fooking pwn3d j00! lolol (ololololol - can be further extended to show that you not only suck penis, but that you leave it in while speaking)
by chugg3h April 04, 2003
Laugh out loud out loud.
Similar to "lol", but doesn't make sense.
Pwnzer445: omg i shit myself
Nub1451: lolol
by E65 July 11, 2008
A variation of lol. Other variations include more "ol". Used to represent lots of laughter, the more "ol", the funnier. Often looked down on by big headed people who take internet chat rooms and iRC too seriously. People often belittle those who use this and its variations because they have a superiority complex.
"lolol, how funny."
"Wow! The very same thing happened to me the other day! LOLOL!"
by wstalzarion January 03, 2005
An island of southeast Greece in the Dodecanese Islands of the Aegean Sea. Saint John was exiled to the island c. A.D. 95 and according to tradition wrote the Book of Revelation here.
I went to lolol for the holiday's
by Jake Black February 26, 2004
Lots Of LOL
It's just taking the now tired expression "LOL" to the next level, something I think we could all live with.
Simply use LOLOL in place of LOL. It shows that you the user are just too cutting edge to go on using the blase' LOL.
by M Talent May 22, 2009
(L)ots (O)f (L)aughing (O)ut (L)oud
Friend: OMG OMG I have a very important question to ask you!!!!!

You: What is it?!

Friend: The question is.. What is your favorite color?

You: Lolol, yellow.
by AustinBlake June 16, 2009

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