this is a shock site that displays a large picture of two men, one holding his exposed penis and the other sitting beneath him head leaned back, both men are covered in excrement
I checked out last night and couldn't finish my dinner.
by 452494 April 06, 2011
Top Definition
Just another shock site; it’s of the tubgirl variety, if you will, only with 2 guys instead of a girl.
Dude: Hey girl, check out for a free lemon pie!
Girl: I'm not falling for that again.
*A few minutes later*
Dude: Hey, check out for great laughs!
Girl: Okay *goes to site
by HeartbreakPrincess April 04, 2011
A trick website with a picture of two naked men. It looks like one man shat on the other.
Bob: "Hey, have you been to"
Bill: "Why no! I haven't, why, Bob?"
Bob: "It's a funny website with puns and funny pictures and such."
Bill: "I think I'll check it out."
~next day~
Bill: "I hate you."
by akdjfaksljdfklajsl;kfjafasdfas April 08, 2011
a shock site. depicts two men sitting down with poop all over their genitals. you don't see their heads.
i accidentally went to and EW.
by miztrolo April 05, 2011
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