the result of opening one's mouth wide and simultaneously throwing up an L on either side with fingers to form the letters "LOL"
Nerdy Neil: lulz XBOX 360 is clearly inferior to the PS3...*slips and falls on his poor arse*

Asshole Asif: *makes LOL face*

awe-struck observers: ASSHOLE ASIF STRIKES AGAIN!!!
by orkoporkodorko December 10, 2009
Top Definition
'Laugh Out Loud' with a hint of 'you're a dumbass'.
Bob: Hey man, I had sex with your mom.

Phillip: My mom's dead.

Bob: Oh, hey, sorry, man, I didn't know.

Phillip: Dude, you just saw me with my mom yesterday, remember?

Bob: Oh yeah.

Phillip: lolface!
by mavi August 30, 2007
To make reverse L's on both sides of your open mouth to create the word LOL.
To express that you find something worthy enough to laugh out loud.
Phil: "insert funny phrase"
Dylan: "(makes lolface) LOL!"
by YourFriendlyBosnian June 30, 2010
A face that looks so stupid or ridiculous that you have to laugh out loud.
There was this girl on the train with the most butterz lolface ever, I couldn't stop laughing.
by Jack Lowe March 21, 2009
A face made out of lol's.
Can be used to spite, entertain, or harass someone.
lol_lol 'Tis the lolface

"Satan came over to my house last night. He showed me his horn, if you know what I mean... lol_lol"
by Stephen Mechasm October 27, 2007
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