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'Laugh Out Loud' with a hint of 'you're a dumbass'.
Bob: Hey man, I had sex with your mom.

Phillip: My mom's dead.

Bob: Oh, hey, sorry, man, I didn't know.

Phillip: Dude, you just saw me with my mom yesterday, remember?

Bob: Oh yeah.

Phillip: lolface!
by mavi August 30, 2007
29 19
the result of opening one's mouth wide and simultaneously throwing up an L on either side with fingers to form the letters "LOL"
Nerdy Neil: lulz XBOX 360 is clearly inferior to the PS3...*slips and falls on his poor arse*

Asshole Asif: *makes LOL face*

awe-struck observers: ASSHOLE ASIF STRIKES AGAIN!!!
by orkoporkodorko December 10, 2009
12 3
To make reverse L's on both sides of your open mouth to create the word LOL.
To express that you find something worthy enough to laugh out loud.
Phil: "insert funny phrase"
Dylan: "(makes lolface) LOL!"
by YourFriendlyBosnian June 30, 2010
3 4
A face that looks so stupid or ridiculous that you have to laugh out loud.
There was this girl on the train with the most butterz lolface ever, I couldn't stop laughing.
by Jack Lowe March 21, 2009
10 16
A face made out of lol's.
Can be used to spite, entertain, or harass someone.
lol_lol 'Tis the lolface

"Satan came over to my house last night. He showed me his horn, if you know what I mean... lol_lol"
by Stephen Mechasm October 27, 2007
10 20