An eruption of laughter. Can be brought about by a joke, an epic fail, personal shame, or just by something that's really funny.
Alex: Yo momma's so fat she needs cheat codes for Wii Fit!

Aaron: LOLCANO! That was actually pretty funny!
by xxzombiesoupxx June 27, 2011
An eruption of joy
OMG look a monkey riding a pig..LOLCANO
by Cat1234 December 11, 2013
noun; an eruption of laughter. LOL (laugh out loud) 'cano' - volcano
by lolaz April 12, 2011
a volcano full of lolz
you:insert funny joke here

me: lolcano at your fail in life
by mc wuggles August 08, 2010
Refering to being comicly owned by a volcano in arcanists. Also it can be used as "owned"
ex: "rolfmaool, psa just got lolcanoed"
by Mod Thomas April 22, 2009

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