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to beat with superior logic
In a debate it's important to out logictify your opponents.
by tsquared22 January 24, 2011
1. To win an argument using your own superior intellect and logic.

2. To be beaten in an argument because someone had more superior intellect and logic than you.
1. I'm going to logictify that kid tomorrow who thinks he knows more science than I do.

2. I hope I don't get logictified by that nerd tomorrow, I really don't know enough about science to argue with him!
by Keloopi January 25, 2011
to beat with superior logic; to pwn with someone with their own argument
Man A: kim jung il is the leader of south korea
Man B: no he's not, he leads north korea
Man A: prove it!
(Man B googles said issue, and is proven correct)
Man C: man, he just used his logictify!
by fhockeygirl February 05, 2011
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