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A blog run by a batshit insane unemployed middle aged welfare recipient who claims that there are secret muslim terrorists under every rock in his podunk town. The author is dead convinced that he is doing something vital for our national security. What's hilarious is that he will end up dying alone in some nursing home where nobody gives a damn about her. He seriously has an arabic warning "for muslim visitors" on his main page because apparently all muslims speak Arabic! Would be completely un-notable if it weren't for his constant whoring of his website on other people's forums.
Hey logan, you know what's interesting? Your blog has no impact on the real world, and never will. Have fun being a voice in the wilderness, it may distract you from not having a job. Years from now no one will ever remember anything you wrote, because nothing you wrote has any lasting value. When was the last time one of your articles aided our law enforcement agencies? Seriously, I'm asking you. When did your blog ever stop an act of terrorism, indirectly or directly?

The saddest thing is that there are real problems facing your home state - rampant meth use, domestic violence, skyrocketing divorce rates, bridges and roads falling apart, schools consistently at the bottom of the country, a broken health care system, tens of thousands of people on food stamps - and you choose to contribute to society by shrieking about secret Islamists. God help you. I'm secure in knowing that you basically wasted years of your life writing hit pieces that didn't serve any purpose. "Logan's Warning" my ass, as if your BLOG was some sort of cultural icon.

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