One who comes to fix the cable.
Don't be fatous, Jeffery

Also, The Dude does not approve of his words getting deleted. Walter is gonna have to get angry if that happens again
by The Dude March 04, 2003
Top Definition
When you take a big shit and you clog up the toilet.
After not taking a shit for a couple days, i caused a log jammer in one of the toilets at school.
by Byerly May 19, 2005
When a girl is about to take a shit and you stick your penis inside her ass before she takes a shit.
Bro:Aye how did it go with Melissa last night?
Guy:We tried doing the Log Jammer
Bro:Did it work?
Guy:You want to smell my dick?
by colla93 May 31, 2011
a term usually used to desribe a gay man, though exceptions can be made. It refers to the act of anal intercourse.
Those two men yonder are log jammers.
by clair3000 October 19, 2006
It's a water-ride at Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA.
Johnny: Hey Bobby, this heat is killing me... after the girls get out of the restroom let's go on the Log Jammer.

Bobby: No way Johnny, let's take 'em on Jet Stream. It has a tunnel which is a perfect place to grope their boobies.

Johnny: Good call.
by Stickyrikky July 14, 2009
The act of going asscrack to asscrack with your partner in an effort for one to insert a solid turd into the other's ass.
"Arrl!" I groaned as I delivered a logjammer to my sleeping partner, "Those bran muffins really did the trick!"
by Ar_rL November 15, 2008
When doing a girl from behind while she is hand-cuffed to the toliet Boondock Saints style, you shove your cock in her ass, dunk her head in the toliet and give her a swirly.
So I gave Heather a ride on the Log Jammer last week, she hasn't talked to me in since.
by Christifori July 16, 2008
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