To expel fecal material, resembling the shape of a log.
"Before we leave, I'm going to hit the can and log out."
by Steve Austin April 25, 2003
Top Definition
To produce a solid bowel movement.
Light a candle, Jimmy just went in the bathroom to logout.
by KWK3 December 14, 2007
To take a poo
"I'll be back in about 5 minutes, I've got to log out."

"I've got to let my dog out, I think he has to log out."
by Im_a_qwik_tinker December 14, 2008
Joking reference to a toilet break made during online game session or online chat. Used to explain the short absence from the game or chat. Typically used between close friends as a private joke where this meaning has branched away from the more commonly understood reference of 'log out' which is used in the context of a secured site.
" I am just going to log out, brb "
by cevets June 15, 2014
What is shouted when someone throws their feces. Similar to shouting "frag out" when throwing a hand grenade.
LOG OUT!! <Throws feces> at a homosexual homophobe.
by Logging out March 28, 2010
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