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this applies to straight up g's studyin for AP tests when their AP teachers don't know quite what they're doing or when straight up g's just take on studyin for AP tests that their school don't even got classes for. loccin it out (pronounced low-kin it owt) is the act of takin' it upon ones' self to study for an AP test almost exclusively independently.
Bizznatch: nigga...i wanna take the AP Physics B and AP Calculus BC exam this May, but there aren't any teachers to teach it skool..........

Molar: F'sho nigga...I might take AP Biology and AP Psychology..shiiet...this skool sucks dydyk..

Jugglez: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa......

Bizznatch: fuk this...we can get 5's loccin it out.....get a 5 on all those bitchassniggaz...
by btiger408 January 22, 2009

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