an artist from New York who is missing the same earlobe as Vincent Van Gogh.
Yo, did you see the artwork for MC Comeczechmi's album? Lobeless did it, you know Rob.
by silverface July 13, 2009
Top Definition
Without earlobes. When one has no earlobes, the cartilage of the ear is connected directly to the jawbone of the individual. People with this affliction have trouble hearing, since the skin acts as a barrier for sound attempting to enter into the eardrum. The throbbing pressure on the frontal lobes of the brain is not uncommon. Many people attempt surgery, often with fatal results. Also, sufferers of this condition are open to belittlement and humiliation; human rights do not apply to them.
Sean Magrann-Wells is a lobeless freak of nature and should be beaten.
by Acalanes Leadership April 28, 2008
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