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"Laughing My Ovaries Out"

A phrase coined by V and defined by Martha. Long story short, V has a way of speaking where she likes to stretch words and make them sound funny. LMAO becomes lmoo, no becomes nerh, yes becomes yesh, and so on and so forth.

Obviously, it only makes sense when said by a female, but it's oh so amusing when said by a male.
B: Let's go knife some hoes.
by The Token Bitch September 10, 2006
laughing my ovaries out

a way to express amusement, especially if you're a female.. equivalent to laughing my ass off (lmao) except you laugh so hard your ovaries come out.
-on facebook chat-
Leah: Oh my god, Ben just added me after I deleted him. When will he get the point?
Emilia: LMOO!
by jloverwhatislove? April 29, 2011
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