A really corny movie network that plays the lamest made-for-television movies in the history of forever. It's viewing crowd is almost entirely female, and it's fairly obvious from watching two seconds of any given movie playing at any give time.
LMN presents "Searching", the story of a young independent women searching for love in all the wrong places. Along the way, she is nearly killed and raped by her psycho ex-boyfriend, Frank, but her dashing beau-to-be, Mark, comes to her rescue. The two fight like cats after that, but then through 'coincidence only' become wildly attracted to each other. They make passionate love and live happily ever after with two kids until some horrible event that threatens her family comes and ruins it. It's up to the now-mature woman to save the day. Through more ridiculous situations, she does and THEN they live truely happily ever after. And stuff.
by mynoduespftwnameyo October 24, 2009
Top Definition
stands for: lick my nuts
Tommy: Hey, do you want to go out with me?
Sarah: Eww, gross, no way!
Tommy: Oh just lmn you slut.
by miiiiiikewrotttttttten July 29, 2005
Dude1: "Dude that chick was a bitch"
Dude2: "I know i told her to LMNS"
by FUNK MASTER FRECH January 22, 2012
LMN stands for let me know. Many people use it when texting.
"Hey girl. Can you pick me up from work?"
"LMN when you outside."
by queenn.manii September 18, 2015
Lose my number
If someone you really don't want to talk to, ever again, keeps calling or texting you and blowing up your phone, Tell them LMN (lose my number)!
by dubble07blonde September 17, 2009
Love My Ninjas
When your behind the scenes team of 'ninjas' do something amazing you feel grateful and exclaim 'LMN!'
by ninjagoddess February 03, 2012
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