Abbreviation of "Long my life out".

Used to inform somebody, usually via text message, that they are taking forever to do something. Using the abbreviation implies that you are becoming impatient, thus, can't be bothered with writing the full words out.
Jack: "Are you ready to leave yet?"
Josh: "Yeah, I'm leaving in 2"
Jack: "I wasn't born yesterday, you're probably still washing your hair!"
Josh: "Haha :P"
Jack: "LMLO!"
#long #life #out #forever #lml
by Djcally June 02, 2012
Top Definition
Laughing my lungs out
K: I'm gonna buy you heels for Christmas, Nadia

N: You gonna pay $20 for heels?

G:No, you not! You're cheap!!!

All: Lmlo!!
#laughing my lungs out #lol #lml #lmfao #laughing
by Kisp December 16, 2010
Laugh My Lungs Out from a joke or an comendy
I lmlo so hard when I saw him today
#lol #lmafo #lmao #not funny #haha
by Young Dolla October 11, 2010
Pronounced (although there's no reason to say it out loud): eLM-lOh OR L-M-L-O

chatspeak for 'laughing my larynx out'. similar to LOL, ROTFL, and LMAO, but unlike in 'LMAO' and 'ROTFLMAO', the larynx, as opposed to the ass, has a connection to laughter, so although you couldn't laugh your larynx out any more than you could laugh your ass off, LMLO sounds better and doesn't contain any swear words.
Elaine: Did you see that new youtube video?
Audrey: The one with the unicorn? LMLO!!!!!
#lol #lmao #rofl #lolol #rotflmao
by Laugher220 June 03, 2010
Laughing My Labia Off.

Men often say things like "Laughing my balls off." This is the female equivalent.
Boy: Hahaha, I'm laughing my balls off!
Girl: Hahaha, LMLO!
#labia #vagina #balls #funny #lol #lmao #lmfao
by SabesQue50905890 October 07, 2011
Laughing my liver off.
dan: chris died
fran: lmlo!
by dee March 22, 2005
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