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Laughing my butt off. A less dramatic version of LMAO.
I fell off the cliff and died.
by Kevin January 18, 2005
alternate way of expressing extreme laughter, to the extent where ones burca falls from ones head. Not enough for one to 'laugh ones ass off', but enough for a burca to fall.
Sarah - "Tacco Tacco BURRITO!!"
Roxy - "That's so funny LMBO!!"
by ghandishoes June 26, 2010
lmbo: samething as lmao unless the b is used differently. Ex. lmbo: laugh my boobs off, laugh my balls off or just laugh my butt off
person1:omg i fell down the stairs person2:lmbo
by Independent1011 January 14, 2010
Acronym for "Laughing my black off". Popularized by Mike Turpinseed Jr. in early 2013.
Something so funny, that you lose skin pigment.
"Mike Turpinseed Jr. is one funny mothafucka!"

by denys petrov January 10, 2013
Let my boner out
When working around the bases with the woman of your dreams you slowly whisper lmbo in her ear.
by DandyDon6969 February 12, 2010
Laughing my Balls Off
jon: did you hear what Corinne said about the donkey?
amanda: yeah, lmbo!
by cooooolllcat! June 17, 2010
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