when sumone says sumthin so funny online and u cant even show dem how. .now u can

halo234: HAHAHAHA. . .LMAO!!!!
by +gOOsE+ September 20, 2003
An abbreviated form of "Laughing My Ass Off" that originated from the possibility of laughing so hard that one slides out of the chair and onto one's ass.
Person 1: So the nun says, "Not without my gimp mask."
Person 2: LMAO OUCH!
Person 1: Are you ok?
Person 2: Yeah, I laughed so hard I literally LMAO and now my butt bone hurts like hell.
by NightRaven April 09, 2008
Laughing My Ass Off.
This abbreviation is typically used online, specially during chatrooms or ingame chatting. Its usage has became so usual that even while greeting, someone may respond LMAO.
John: Hello Ben, how have you been?


Player1: Omg, you fucking retarded stop tk.

Player2: LMAO, stfu you cunt.
by homosapient July 17, 2011
laugh my ass off silently
thats chick had me lmaos the whole time.
by yoda_flame June 03, 2010
Lost My Aging Options

Lost My Apple Orchard

Lost My Aging Onions

Love My Aging Onions
LMAO! Anna lost her lost apply orchard. HAHA!

Dude you gotta help me, I'm growing old too quickly. I lost my aging options package.
by Crazy Word Bitch September 15, 2009
Laughing my ass off.

Can be used in conjunction with other laughing acronyms such as lol and rofl ie. hahahahlololololroflmao!!!!1 and so on..

Used when the situation is considered funnier than a mere lol.

I've also heard this said aloud in conversation pronounced: La mayo. Also roflmao (pronounced rofl like waffle mayo) and of course lol.

me: Examples are for people who didn't explain properly
you: lmao
by TheDanishSugarfairy August 02, 2008
Laugh my ass off

Used in Role Playing Games (RPG) and text messaging when someone says something extreemly funny to you.

Simmilar to ROFLOL. Can be used with this as in ROLFMAO.
"Did U C what Jen is Wearing? It is so damn ugly and she thinks she is all that."

by SharaRenea November 26, 2007

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