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greatest person in the whole entire widest world:D i love him with all my heart, he rocks my socks that fall off right babe:p, llewelyn is the coolest, smartest, sexiest, man i know and i love him to death *mwah*
a hot, sexi, man, that i want to bang:P
by Kayla March 21, 2005
17 44
(vb.) to twist one's ankle then call an ambulance out of general patheticness.
Person 1: Hey, I heard Llewe llewelyned the other day!
Person 2: Well, I guess he'll be subject to ridicule then.
by ImTotallyStreetSargent October 05, 2012
7 1
llewelyn is that nicest, sweetest, person ive ever met, he treats me so well, to bad he isnt my boyfriend:(, i lvoe him very much, he is my sexi superman, and he is my idol that rocks my socks!
Omg, i love llewelyn so much, he is everything!
by Kayla March 21, 2005
27 42