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A phrase most commonly used by 3rd graders to insult someone they hate. Older children, such as middle schoolers, use it as a joke rather than as a rude insult.
3rd Grade:
person 1) Ha Ha! You Fell!
Person 2) You're a llama butt face!

Middle Schoolers: (this consists of 4 children, Brianna, Abby, Julie and Nain)

Nain(smiling): (points to Brianna)Llama! (points to Abby) Butt! (points to Julie) Face!

Nain (smiling): (points to Julie)Llama! (points to Abby) Butt! (points to Brianna) Face!

Abby: Hey, how come I'm always Butt?

Everyone: Laff! Giggle! Chuckle! Chortle! Snort!
by Purple be awsum :D February 27, 2011
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