A poor, crime-ridden city in the North-West of England.
The locals are known as Scousers or Bin-Dippers and have an inferiority complex unmatched anywhere else in the world.

The city often plays itself as the victim. Getting upset at the mildest of criticism. It's reputation of being a crime-ridden cesspit is often disputed by locals, who point to crime figures below that of other major cities. What the locals fail to mention is that Crime is so widespread there, most of it doesn't get reported.

It is the home of two football teams. Liverpool FC are one of the most successful teams in Europe. Everton FC are not. Tranmere Rovers are also local but are based on the Wirral. They reject accusations of being scousers, even through they have a scouse accent and the place is a dump.

Despite all it's poverty and social issues, Liverpool undoubtedly has the sexiest women in the UK.
Man 1: I got mugged again.
Man 2: Ah, you're still living in Liverpool.

Man 1: Look at the norks on that woman!
Man 2: That's scouse women for you! There's something in the water up there. I bet she's filthy too.
by Blooty Yeah Yeah November 30, 2009
a football team named after their city, known to spend lots of money on expensive players then play in an incredibly mediocre way
though their normal fans are just like any other team's supporters, liverpool have special fans known as kopites. normally recruited outside of liverpool (norway in particular), they are annoyingly vocal about supporting their club and can be easily spotted by wearing at least one piece of liverpool merch at all times. they enjoying claiming to be the best team in the world even though they havent won a league in nearly 20 years, and won their last major trophy through luck (penalties) following this kopite membership rose sharply
"i got the train into warrington yesterday and it was full of bloody kopites, there wasn't even a liverpool match on"
by kevp June 12, 2008
The capital of crime in Sydney. Random fights everyday. Also the home of FC.
*5 Serbians bash random guy at westfields shopping center*
Serb: "Wait.. Why are we doing this?"
Serb #2: "It's Liverpool."
by Splaticus December 03, 2007
Boss city, shame about the scallies. Fuckin dozy-arse bastards that they are. Oh well. Love the place otherwise. Good music scene (and no, I don't mean The Coral and all them shite bands).
Eyyy laaaaaaaa, gizz a bifter kidderrrrrrrr! A'm pyarrrrr buzzin off deez eckies!!!
by BTMNKY January 12, 2004
Liverpool is a large city in northwest England, possibly best known for the two rival Football teams, Liverpool and Everton.

The people of Liverpool are generally known as 'Scousers', most of them are unemployed, partly because of Asians coming into the city, but mostly because most of them lack general skills, I would say 67% of Scousers receive 'Dole', 30% sell drugs and the other 3% are hard working individuals.

Liverpool does have its small handful of decent, helpful people, but the majority are scum that ride around on cheap pushbikes wearing Nike Airmax or PUMA tracksuits. The accent is highly annoying and sounds extremely aggresive. Mind you, many Scousers are highly aggresive and like to act hard whenever possible. Although when they do end up in a fight, they get completely leathered, because of the fighting skills they lack.

'Scousers' and 'Mancs' are natural enemies and like to argue and fight whenever possible, Mancs are alot like Scousers, Eg. The unemployment I mentioned earlier, Aggresive. They constantly argue about Football etc and like to boast about their 'Fighting Skills' to each other.

One Scouser you probably would of heard of is ''Michael Shields'', A Scouse bastard that murdered a Bulgarian.

Type into YouTube:
'Liverpool Gangs'
'Crocky Crew', They show you their BB Gun :O
'Hawthorne Riot Squad'
'Michael Shields' < The Scouse bastard that killed a Bulgarian with a brick because of his aggression.
by TheOneYouHate May 31, 2009
A disgusting example of human existence, Liverpool in general resembles South-Central Los Angles, post-nuclear holocaust. They once produced the highly over-rated band ‘The Beatles’, which should have, perhaps more fittingly, been called 'The Cockroaches', as the city is crawling with them, both metaphorically and physically. The inhabitants are probably the loudest, rudest and obnoxious people on the entire earth.
On being in Liverpool for at least 10 minutes, man behind in shop queu, for no apparent reason to person in front: "For fuck's sake, hurry the fuckin' fuck up would ya. Fuck me...".
by Steve657 July 28, 2008
The scummiest town in the UK. Thieving tracksuit wearing scumbags who are all on dole, and all speak with an annyoing accent.
"Was driving back through Liverpool last night...made sure my doors were locked and windows were up"
by soghdgrn February 09, 2010

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