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Plumped protruding or otherwise disproportionately shaped lips possessing the characteristic of a liver in both color and texture. Lips that tend to flop like a fresh slice of liver.
Characteristic of the lips of the human characters in the show “Ren and Stimpy”
(See also: Yasser Arafat )
by Dirty Hippie September 06, 2003
Big floppy lips that look like raw liver.

DAG! Oprah lost a lot of weight, except for her LIVER LIPS"!

by 38 Caliber Kimo April 02, 2003
Liver Lips is a term of endearment for a close friend...

"What's up, Liver Lips???"
by HWAN_E_SAN August 23, 2003
Gigantic lips that flop in the wind.
DAG! Mic Jaggers lips are so big, even black people say he's got "liver lips"!
by Greggy Dee February 11, 2003
lips belonging to a 3 footed moose who violently chews the noses off of it's victims. Yeah. very scary.
As Jessy walked through the crowd with her liver lips, many innocent people lost their noses.
by john May 02, 2003
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