An auto-erotic accessory composed of a liver (preferably still warm from the recently-euthanized livestock) affixed (nailed, stapled) to a wooden plank with a hole carved into it. A makeshift orifice is sliced through the liver, and a "hillbilly" copulates with the organ. The board provides a rigid frame for satisfactory penetration and withdrawal.

Risks include social stigma, tetanus, splinters, crotch rot, and inclusion in the subject matter of a mind-scarring podcast (see Uncle Deercamp).
Ed: slept with that fugly cum dumpster?
Bill: Yeah, well, it was better than jack-pounding a liver board.
Ed: Are you sure about that?
by MSMStud October 10, 2007
A brain donor would use this word when they actually mean 'live-aboard' - boats, usually for diving, where you live aboard rather than in a hotel.
Hey dude, I was on a really great liverboard out of Sharm.
by Barry Higgins January 29, 2008

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