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Used to indentify an acted interpretation of an activity usually portrayed through animation. This phrase grew out of the trend of using adult anime (or hentai) to show types of pornography too physically challenging or obscene to show using normal pornography (for example pornography involving tentacles, popularised in "La Blue Girl"). "live action" attempts to recreate these activities with real actors and actresses.
This site had live action La Blue Girl, it was totally disgusting.
by Odiumjunkie February 27, 2005
A term used in Hawaii with several different meanings, all of which denote that the speaker is either retarded or extremely uneducated.
1. A phrase used by lower life-forms to describe something that excites them, usually when viewing something their brains struggle to comprehend.
2. A phrase meaning "I am on welfare", usually used at random, surprising those who hear it.
Guy 1: "Man, those fireworks are intense!"

Guy 1: "Studying for this test is killing me bro."
Guy 2: "No worries, LIVE ACTION BRAH!"
by FobHunter June 23, 2013
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