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A person, place, or event that is signified in greatness. Describing or acknowledging a a good thing.
I won the lottery. live!
by Teddy Pain March 05, 2008
Jumping, full of people, exciting. Something was very enjoyable
That rave was live
The place was live
by bL@Z3N 0m3G@ April 30, 2003
Word Used To Express How Good Something Is...
1. "Dat Tune Is LIVE"

2. "U Know Dat Rave I Went 2 Last Nite, It Woz LIVE!"
by Lil Frenchie April 11, 2006
the act of something being cool; sick
This party is live, fam.
by IGL July 19, 2008
Somethin' happening, thaT's got a ViBe..
Yooo....Angel's was Liiive last tuesday
by DaTCaT June 12, 2003
(adv) Great
Tupac is Live
by ac January 31, 2004
for something to be happening right now, like a concert or a sports game.
person 1: dude, the super bowl is gonna be on tonight live!

person 2: sweet, im watchin it!
by zKITKATz March 29, 2008
able , or acessable
-yo lets get sum haze from ur man

-na , i cant , he aint live
by DAS November 23, 2003