Being younger than the person using the word. Not to be confused with short, small, or tiny. This word is, in no way, meant to insinuate being short in stature.
Chatty is so not little. He's small but in no way little.
That little kid stole my wallet and is using the money on prostitutes. Get some candy so we can catch him and beat his ass!
by CheddarBoFetta July 03, 2007
Top Definition
small.tiny.(Why wasn't this here?)
that mouse is little
by Dude 2000 October 16, 2003
Used to describe someone who roleplays as an age younger than they are in a BDSM dynamic.
That little is so cute! I just want to spank her.
by Handcuffed December 16, 2013
in a sorority, the younger member who gets spoiled and loved and appreciated. She is caring and sweet and perfect... after all, she takes after her big!
who is that?

Oh, just my little...
by Best Big Ever December 11, 2012
Something your Dick is
girl: wow it's so... little
Guy: I know
by DUGY January 10, 2016
1. A race of mouse-sized and mouse-tailed humanoids from an 80s cartoon series called, The Littles. Little is also the surname of just about every mouse-sized humanoid character in the series. Most episodes centered around the adventures, misadventures, and struggles of two preteen littles.
2. Slang term used by the MPD-DID subculture to indicate child personas of adults who have multiple personalities.
My littles like to watch The Littles.
by Downstrike September 10, 2005
A little who is most likely short, little's also like to be dominated. They act younger than they really are.
Am I a little?
by Doggo June 11, 2016
People who are totally awesome in everything they do. There are only two of them in the whole world (plus one dog) Little, Little, and little. Can be cut down to "lil" or "lit" in rushed conversation.
Hey Lit, What's up!

Littles are sooo cute!
by Little (Little Lewis) July 11, 2009
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