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a truck that is usually 2 wheel drive that is lifted so high it becomes a pain in the ass to get in it. and having the lift consist of big shiny chrome shocks and giant lift blocks for the rear leaf springs, large wheels and oversized mud tires. this type of vehicle is typically found driving on pavement and if ever driven off the road, is limited to well maintained dirt streets. The vehicle is often used as a form of compensation for the drivers lack of size of that "certain part of the male body."
"damn thats a big ass truck, i bet its never seen dirt."

"yeah what a little dicker.."
by larry niggafield January 17, 2010
You are a little dicker because only little dickers look up this word.
"See that little dicker over there? That's you. Because you are a little dicker."
by lildicker June 02, 2015

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